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Space Planning

By the application of Xuan Kong from Traditional Classical Feng Shui (Vastu) we help solve  problems and find possibilities in existing properties

Residential –Usage of existing space and taking advantage of time and minor adjustments in sleeping direction and stove placement. It is the firm belief that no two human beings are alike, thus we do not use “one size fits all” approach. Each person resonates to his or her own immediate home environment. Thus we tailor our recommendations to the individual’s goals, be it to improve income for the head of the family, solving relationship issues for the wife, better performance in school for the child or good health for the aging grandparent. We also help select new properties for building a house and help the energy design of interiors according to the occupants.

Commercial – Help companies get out of Union problems, increase in productivity, business expansion, changing of product line, opening new businesses, labour management, banking and finance, selecting the right property for construction or agriculture. We achieve this by defining the placement of motors, machines, generators, the direction the MD faces while sitting on his office table, and other methods prescribed in Xuan Kong. Some of the industries we have catered to are:

  • Construction of a Laboratory for Medical Research, Coimbatore
  • Textile Industry Expansion, Karur, Tirupur
  • School to gain students and achieve cent percent results in 10th std, Coimbatore
  • Revive sick units in Cotton Industry, Coimbatore, Annur, Dindigul
  • Designed a Vietnamese restaurant,  California
  • Ranch House design, Canada
  • Sports Complex Design, USA
  • Garment Export Expansion and building new factories, Karur
  • Public Ltd Instrumentation company - helped in Finance and HR, Tamil Nadu
  • Designed a Orthopeadic surgeon’s clinic, Indore
  • Design of a Pharmacy, Coimbatore
  • Helped regularize a pump industry and build new units, Coimbatore
  • Revived sick farms, Coimbatore, Mysore, Sirumugai, Erode
  • Design of new showrooms and sales improvement, Coimbatore, Dindigul, Karur
  • Revive a table top grinder business, Coimbatore
  • Design a factory for plastic molding, Coimbatore
  • Chemical factory design, Mumbai
  • Revived a Jewellery showroom business, Mumbai
  • Energy Design of Software company’s office, Chennai
  • Expansion of an Ayurvedic Medicine factory, Madhya Pradesh
  • Real Estate company Office design, Chennai
  • Two- wheeler showroom design, Dindigul
  • Dying Unit – revived from debts, Coimbatore
  • Vacation Homes Design, Ooty
  • Expansion of a Travel Agency, Gujarat

* Due to client confidentiality reasons names have not been mentioned