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'Prashna' means asking a question. Prashna is a form of Divination used as an add-on feature for Horoscope Analysis.  Two forms of divination is used,  Vedic Prashna and IChing (traditional Chinese method). This method can be used when a specific question is to be answered. It is also used when birth date/time is not known or to help solve a pertinent issue.

Date selection

Everyday brings us something new, something different, it just might be the colour of your boss’s shirt or a new bud in your garden. It is not necessary that any ‘good date’ according to the traditional method of selection is the best suited date for you, for the action that you have decided to take. If houses had their house warming ceremony on a “good date” then why do some have a happy family life and some sell within few years due to bankruptcy?  When so many weddings are taking place in the same date and Muhurthum, why do some last for life and some end in divorce and some others live a unhappy marriage? To solve this we use Date Selection methods from different schools of thought to find the optimal time and date to make a start in what you wish to accomplish be it the signing of a new contract, wedding, house warming or opening of a new factory to make sure that it is ever lasting and a productive venture.


This is a tool specifically designed for existing clients to plan for one year ahead. It is a detailed report showing which month to take advantage of at what time of the year and what activity can be done/avoided to gain best results.


The weatherman tells you that its going to be a sunny day, so you put the pickles out to dry, or he says there is a heavy rain expected, so you take your umbrella to work. Similarly the Tong Shui Calendar is a guiding tool to tell you how everyday of the year is potentially going to be, to prepare for an eventuality or take advantage of the same. For eg. if ‘wealth’ is indicated for the coming Thursday, then create investments that particular day or if ‘arguments’ is indicated, then avoid confrontation with your Boss or spouse that day.

Note: This is a unique Calendar according to an individual's horoscope and no two people can use the same.