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Welcome to the Guild's website

The Indrakshi Guild website has been primarily designed to help existing and new internet savvy clients to get their answers quicker and efficiently. We provide a variety of services based on individual requirements using both Vedic and Chinese Metaphysics. As the yin of the night sets and the yang of the day breaks, every problem must have a counter balancing solution. We are here to help you find these solutions.

How do we differ from the rest?

  • Do not use demolition as a method in existing construction
  • Do not new age Feng Shui such as laughing Buddhas and crystals
  • Do not advocate yantras, talismans, pyramids, etc.
  • Do not drain your resources to the hilt
  • Simple salt water remedies
  • Personality alterations
  • Finding the right path
  • Shaping one’s destiny

The most important feature of Indrakshi Guild is that apart from traditional Vedic remedies for horoscope, a strong emphasis on behavioral adjustment approach is recommended. This creates a more lasting change. The main purpose of these readings is to help the individual find balance in his/her life. 

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