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2013 2014

Destiny Planning

We do a combination of Vedic and Chinese horoscope reading

                Vedic – strength and weaknesses, good/bad periods, remedial measures

                Chinese – Bazi is studied to understand who the person is, what the opportunities he can tap and the pitfalls he can avoid.

When a person is stressed or confused, she becomes vulnerable in desperation to solve her problem and will go to any extent. This is where we step in to understand the root cause of the problem, then take charge & show how she herself can solve the difficulty without falling victim to unscrupulous agencies or stretching her resources to the breaking point.

We have helped people

  1. get jobs, stabilize debts and find best suited careers, 
  2. understand who they are and shape their destiny
  3. solve legal cases
  4. with infertility to have children
  5. make decisions regarding purchase of property, investments and family settlements
  6. with health issues, find best treatment methods
  7. come out of psychological issues
  8. make the right educational decisions or gain better results in exams
  9. helped women step out of their cocoons and take charge of their lives, 
  10. solve marriage problems in the verge of divorce and rarely had some where divorce was the best alternative. 
  11. find suitable mates and 
  12. advised couples on relationship dynamics pre and post marriage for a healthy relationship.
  13. and many more.