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Who, what, when and why?

Indrakshi Guild is one of the pioneers in India to offer life changing solutions using the combination of both Vedic and Chinese Astrology (Traditional Classical Feng Shui and Horoscope). Started in 2004, as a research project to test the efficacy of these metaphysical sciences and once the results were evident, it blossomed into the Indrakshi Guild as it is today. It is based on the principles of ethics, responsibility and compassion. The aim of the Guild is to first help people find instant solutions to their problems and propel both personal and professional growth. The Guild provides to its clients:

  • Guidance in business or career
  • Understanding relationship dynamics
  • Health profiling
  • Crisis Management
  • Being prepared for tomorrow
  • Investment advice
  • Help design buildings/renovations

Our client base spans across India, Australia, America, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, and South Africa. Accountability is very important to the Guild. Thus we engage in frequent follow ups with our clients and provide professional reports.

Please visit our various Services that we offer to understand how we work and what we do to achieve best results. 

The Founder

Bhavesh K. Joshi comes from a lineage of traditional Astrologers.  He started practicing Astrology, Vastu and was an accomplished Pranic Healer by the end of his college days. He also took a deep interest in the Chinese system and studied various levels in Chinese Metaphysics from the Mastery Academy. Before building a business out of it, he applied the principles in his own house and life to witness instant results of what had been prescribed in his learning. He then started applying the knowledge with his existing client base which has grown multifold today and have benefited immensely in their personal and professional lives. From distraught marriages, to run down industries, debt ridden businesses, sick companies, failed establishments to suicidal daughters, he has helped many come out of their predicaments, shown them that this is not the end of it all and helped rejuvenate their lives to better and happier days. Apart from that, he also guides people to realise their true potential and brings out the best in them.

He has been certified in the following courses from the Mastery Academy:

  • Traditional Classical Feng Shui (Module 1,2 & 3)
  • Xuan Kong (Module 1 – 2A & 2B)
  • Bazi (Module 1,2 & 3)
  • Ming Xian (Module 1)

Bhavesh continues to study from the Academy and conducts extensive research in his field of work. Apart from this he is passionate about the Stock markets and has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. When asked what the aim of his life is, he simply says “To help people”. He continues Pranic Healing till date as a free service, something he has now been practicing for 16 years and draws his strength from his Guru,  Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.